1D Euler and
MHD Shocks
Welcome! Here you'll learn the basics
of 1-dimensional Euler (inviscid) and
magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) shocks
through exploring the Riemann problem.
Try out the interactive Mathematica
demonstrations by clicking on the
tabs above.
About This Page

This website was created to offer an interactive educational experience about shocks, in fulfillment of the module project requirement for the Astronomy 201b (interstellar medium) course at Harvard University with Professor Alyssa Goodman (Spring 2013). You can also visit the course's wordpress blog: [ISM and Star Formation]. Shocks play a fundamental role in most of astrophysics, and this website aims to help develop a conceptual and intuitive understanding of them. A partner ISM module website on shocks can be found here: [Becerra, A visualization tool of 2D shocks simulations].